1.How to use LunaVPN?
Click connect button in the main screen to use LunaVPN. If Android system show a dialog to request a connection permission, click OK or Accept to continue.
2.How long can I use LunaVPN for each connection?
As long as you can. We don't set time or traffic limition on each connection
3.Why can't I use internet after connection established?
Fist of all, check your network connection. Then make sure you've disabled battery optimization for LunaVPN in Android's battery setting (which means enable background activity for LunaVPN). If you enable Smart Proxy, you also need to make sure all the apps you need to proxy is checked in Smart Proxy setting.
4. How to disable battery optimization for LunaVPN?
In most Android devices, open Android's Setting-->Battery-->Battery optimization, select "All apps" in the dropdown menu, find LunaVPN and set it to "Don't optimize".

In HuaWei devices, open Android's Setting-->Battery-->Launch, find LunaVPN in the app list, switch off to "Manage manually", enable "Auto-launch" and "Run in background".
Or you can find battery setting in "Protected Apps".

In Samsung devices, open Android's Setting-->Battery-->App Power Saving-->Details, find LunaVPN in the app list and disabled it.

In other devices, you may find it in Setting-->Battery as "Background activity" or "Protected apps".
5.What is Smart Proxy
On Android 5.0 or above, you can only eanble some of the apps to use LunaVPN to proxy traffic, and all the other apps use local network. For example, if Facebook and Skype are blocked in your country, make them checked in Smart Proxy. After the VPN connection is established, only Facebook and Skype's traffic go through VPN, and all your other apps will perform as good as usual.
6. When I try to connect, Android system request a permission, but I can not accept it, why?
You may be running some app which changes the screen color or opens a floating window. Android's security system prevent VPN to be running under these cases. You need close this kind of app temporarily to continue.